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Niemann + Frey GmbH: Storage and Picking of Small Parts for the Motorcycle and Scooter Industry

As one of the leading wholesalers in Europe, Niemann + Frey GmbH supplies the motorcycle and scooter industry with high-quality spare parts and accessories. The small parts assortment comprises of 150,000 different items, 50,000 of which are constantly available at the logistics center in Krefeld, with a guaranteed delivery rate of 97 percent. 


However, due to annual growth rates in double figures and a constant influx of new items, in 2014 the Krefeld warehouse, which covers an area of roughly 7,500 m², reached its capacity limit. A logistics concept was developed together with SSI SCHAEFER, which covered the semi-automation of the warehouse within the existing infrastructure, including the incorporation and optimization of existing processes. 


  • Semi-automated support for internal storage, transport, and picking processes

  • Increase in storage location and picking capacity for small parts for online shipping with two new LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules

  • Faster order processing along the entire process chain with optimum utilization of the individual areas

  • Improved work station ergonomics


Customized Solutions


The two LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules installed in the existing platform directly behind the incoming goods area provide space for up to 12,000 different items. As soon as the picker has matched the first order to the first bin by scanning the barcode, the LOGIMAT® begins the retrieval process for the correct goods tray. If all bins are assigned an order, picking starts. To do so, the employee always operates the two lift modules alternately by confirming each retrieval operation on the Pick to Light module. The software from SSI SCHAEFER (connected to the ERP system via an interface) controls the sequence of the small parts to be picked in such a way that, as far as possible, the tray containing several items required for the current orders to be picked is always retrieved. For easier retrieval, the trays are angled using the LOGITILT function. The LOGIPOINTER function shows the operator the correct item compartment using a laser pointer, and this is also shown on the display.

The Put to Light indicator above the order bins shows the picker the bin in which the items removed from the LOGIMAT® should be placed. For some items, labels must be added or additional packaging must be provided. If the light illuminates green, the last position of an order has been reached and the bin can then be pushed onto the conveying section and transported to the transfer location in the shipping area. If the bin still needs to go to other picking areas, the employee attaches an identification symbol to the bin for colleagues at the individual stations.


Every Information at a glance

Width/height4350 mm & 3350 mm / 8900 mm
Number of traysAn average of 92 trays per lift module
Storage locations12.000
Additional components
  • LOGITILT: Tray tilting mechanism for ergonomic operations 

  • LOGIPOINTER: Optical indication of the storage position using a laser pointer


"The collaboration was excellent – from project management through to installation during ongoing operation. Another deciding factor for me was that despite the various departments at SSI SCHAEFER, we only had one contact person."
Thomas Schild
Authorized Representative and Head of Logistics at Niemann + Frey GmbH

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