Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT, Pallet Racking, mezzanine, conveyor system and

E-Commerce: Storage and Picking of Small Parts for Online Shipping

In the digital age, the purchasing habits of consumers are undergoing a rapid transformation: Increasing numbers of products and services are being ordered from online shops and e-commerce platforms on the internet, both in the B2C and B2B sectors. This presents the provider – be it the manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler – with enormous logistics challenges. They must optimize their internal processes for online trade to ensure the best possible quality of supply for the customer. This applies in particular to storage and pickingof small parts. The optimization potential here lies in the efficient utilization of the storage location capacities and the minimizing of picking error rates and travel times. All things considered, this means a significant reduction in order throughput times for online shipping.

The efficient intralogistics system solution for online shipping is called the LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module. This storage and picking system from SSI SCHAEFER utilizes the goods-to-person principle and enables access to a much larger number of items. It also increases picking performance by eliminating long travel times and being able to process several orders simultaneously. The automated processes of the LOGIMAT® minimize sources of error, while flexible interfaces enable straightforward connection to ERP systems or higher-level warehouse management systems. This means prioritizing orders, creating dynamic picking areas, and batch picking all become extremely simple tasks.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT, Pallet Racking, mezzanine, conveyor system and

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