Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT (Type SLL)

TOOLS Finland Oy: Storage and Picking of Spare Parts for Industrial Operations

TOOLS Finland Oy is part of the Swedish MOMENTUM GROUP AB, the largest provider of industrial consumables, components, and related services in northern Europe. At its distribution center in Kotka, Finland's largest port of export, approximately 21,000 small parts are continually stocked and prepared for shipping over an area of 26,000 square meters.

Project Requirements

In 2016, TOOLS Finland Oy made the decision to carry out the extensive reorganization of its distribution processes at the Kotka site. High-density warehousing and the picking of low-volume items in the smallest space was intended to result in a sharp increase in picking performance of 40 percent across all lines. The centerpiece of this new arrangement is the goods-to-person principle based around four LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules. The provision of the required picking and transport bins with customer logo already attached also formed part of the scope of SSI SCHAEFER's services.


  • Sharp 40% increase in picking performance across all lines

  • Securing the leading market position through optimization of the quality of supply

  • Spare parts logistics: efficient storage of small parts

  • Optimum utilization of the available storage space through automatic

  • consolidation of the stored goods combined with intelligent height optimization

  • Integration of the lift modules in the available infrastructure with a connection to the customer's own warehouse management system

  • Functional enhancement options and connection to conveying sections if required


SSI SCHAEFER Solution at a glance


At the end of 2016, the specialists from SSI SCHAEFER installed the four LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules at TOOLS Finland Oy, including a connection to the warehouse management system of the local third-party supplier. The lift modules commissioned at the start of 2017 are approximately 9.8 meters high, 4.5 meters wide, and 3 meters deep. They contain a total of roughly 6,800 small parts, such as hand tools, nuts, and bolts, which are distributed over 70 trays each with a maximum load of up to 450 kilograms. This stock stored over only 54 square meters of horizontal space makes up about 30 percent of the total range of items available in Kotka. Thanks to the compact design of the lift modules, the full height of the room and entire storage area are now being used as efficiently as possible. 

The intralogistics specialists also provided 16,000 EF-series plastic bins in three varying dimensions (euro dimensions 2120, 3170, and 4170), complete with the TOOLS logo, that are carried along on trollies during picking. Only one employee is required to operate each LOGIMAT®. The concept therefore also frees up personnel resources that can now be deployed in other areas.


Three Option packages to optimize the Warehouse

Full view of LOGIMAT reference VBH

Option packages optimize ergonomics, speed, and efficiency

To achieve the goal of a sharp 40% increase in picking performance, TOOLS Finland Oy also uses three pre-configured option packages, which further optimize the system in terms of ergonomics, speed, and efficiency requirements. These include the LOGIPOINTER, a laser pointer system for optical indication of the picking compartments, and LOGIBAR, a continuous confirmation light barrier under the operating opening of the LOGIMAT® for confirming removal of the goods – two functions that reduce travel times and therefore ensure an increase in productivity. Another option is LOGIPOWER, a drive with increased movement speed, which further reduces access times during the picking process. 


Vertical Lift Module – Key system figures from TOOLS Finland Oy

Warehouse area54 m2 of horizontal space
Width/height4.500 mm/9.800 mm 
Number of traysAn average of 75 trays per lift module
Storage locations6.800 
Additional components
  • LOGIPOINTER: Optical indication of the picking compartment using a laser pointer

  • LOGIBAR:Continuous confirmation light barrier under the operating opening for optimizing the picking performance

  • LOGIPOWER: Drive with increased movement speed for reducing access times during picking


"In March, we already achieved a new record for the total number of lines, with a figure of 48,000 order lines. This met our requirements of increasing the picking performance by around 40 percent with the aid of the lift modules combined with the warehouse management system."
Semi Hurtta
Warehouse Manager at TOOLS Finland Oy

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