Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT SLL

LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module

Computer-Aided Picking According to the Goods-to-Person Principle

LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module

The Ideal Tool for the Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain

Digital transformation is changing intralogistics processes. It is having a particularly large impact on the supply chain: the new, digitized supply chain is more interconnected, intelligent, scalable, and flexible. Whether it is used as a stand-alone solution, in conjunction with other lift modules or as a system integrated into an automated application with warehouse management software, the LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for overcoming the challenges of the digital age. The LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module can be integrated into existing processes at any time and will adapt flexibly to your individual requirements.

Storage and picking in one system

The LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module is a small parts storage and picking solution in one system: it is a space-saving alternative in which ergonomics, safety, and cost-effectiveness are the focus. The lift module can be used in any industry and provides targeted, efficient support for your internal processes.

Lift modules are the ideal solution wherever optimum utilization of the available storage height is a priority. Thanks to its compact design, the LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module fits into almost any space and works according to the convenient goods-to-person principle. Compared to conventional static storage systems, the LOGIMAT® only requires one tenth of the storage space.

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Streamlined warehouse processes (picking and replenishment)

  • Scalable solution that can be easily connected to existing processes

  • Up to 90% less storage space required compared to static storage solutions

  • Elimination of unnecessary work steps: travel times reduced by more than 70%

  • Automated processes and ergonomic design increase performance by more than 20%

  • Minimization of the picking error rate

  • Standard control (PLC) for seamless connection to the customer's ERP or SAP systems

  • Intuitive user interface with touch panel

  • Everything from a single source: from hardware and software to a sophisticated after-sales concept

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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT SLL

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The all-in-one storage and picking solution.

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The dynamic solution for the storage and picking of small parts.

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